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About ASAA

Want to Improve Your Coaching Skills? Consider the Online Coach Education Learning Centre

The ASAA/SSC Learning Centre is proud to announce an exciting new initiative designed to improve access to quality coach education opportunities nation-wide. Launched during the summer of 2011 following, two years of collaborative planning and grant writing, the online coach education program provides quality training to those who may otherwise be unable to capitalize on these educational opportunities via face to face methods.

Meeting a Need

At present there is a significant lack of qualified coaches who are working with student athletes at the high school level in all parts of the country, particularly in rural areas. For the most part, this can be traced to access issues such as prohibitive costs, remote locations, and general unavailability of training opportunities. The courses on this website will offset these challenges by offering a contemporary computer-based opportunity for coaches in those rural areas of the country to improve their knowledge and practices. In turn, this will enhance educational athletic experiences for tens of thousands of student athletes.

Key Partners Facilitate the Program

Alberta Schools’ Athletic Association and School Sport Canada wish to thank its key partners; this initiative is generously funded by a grant from the Rural Alberta Development Fund (RADF), with corporate support from Cenovus Energy. Through partner support, we are able to provide easy access to quality educational content for coaches from any computer – home, work or school. Course content is specifically geared to coaching in an INTERSCHOLASTIC environment. However the principles and educational material are equally applicable to community/club sport groups. These groups are encouraged to engage in the program also.

Striving for Professionalism

Courses are designed to elevate professional ism and enhance coaching expertise Canada-wide. A first for school sport in Canada, it will avail a tremendous opportunity to increase both professionalism and accountability among coaches working in Alberta schools and potentially beyond.

Understanding ASAA

Alberta Schools' Athletic Association (ASAA) is a volunteer-based non-profit organization established in 1956 to coordinate a program of worthwhile athletic activities in an educational setting for Alberta’s high school-aged youth. The 366 ASAA member high schools ultimately determine Association Bylaws and Policy through representation on the provincial Board of Governors.

ASAA’s primary purpose is to provide fair and equitable athletic opportunities for high school student athletes and to coordinate provincial championships in 12 sports annually. Most recently ASAA has embarked on other projects aimed at enhancing the interscholastic sport experience, i.e., the Learning Management System/online coach education initiative located at Additionally, and from an educational perspective, in 2008 ASAA launched a new organization called the Alberta Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (AIAAA). AIAAA’s mission is to develop, enhance and preserve the educational values of interscholastic athletics. This is done through the administration of leadership training courses for athletic directors across Alberta and it will soon expand to encompass other parts of Canada.

Understanding School Sport Canada

School Sport Canada (SSC) is made up of representatives from Canada’s Provincial/Territorial School Sport Associations. Between the various member associations that make up the SSC, there are over 3,500 schools, 750,000 student athletes, and 50,000 coaches.

School sport associations conduct their activities in an educational environment balances the educational and athletic need of Canada’s students. A primary purpose of SSC members is to ensure fair and equitable athletic opportunities for high school students throughout the school year.

Coaches in school sport are primarily teachers, but there is also a large and growing percentage of coaches who are not certified teachers. Both the teachers and non-teacher coaches are volunteers and it is with this in mind that SSC believes will provide an opportunity for better educated and more accountable school coaches to work with Canada’s youth engaged in school sport.

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